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SB 327 Heads to the House Committee

On May 9th the Oregon House of Representatives Committee will hold a Public Hearing and Work Session for SB327. Process is still moving forward. Hope to have the bridge open this summer. See April 23 post to see who to write to help open the bridge.

Here is the process to reopen the bridge:

Senate Committee – Passed!
Senate Floor – Passed!
House Committee – May 9th
House Floor –
Governor signs –

Reestablish Insurance
City Permission to reopen
Put handholds back up




SB 327 Passes Senate Vote 30-0

On April 11 the Senate votes 30 to 0 in favor of SB327, which will fix the Recreation Immunity Statue and allow the bridge to open back up. Now it moves to the house. Write your local House of Representative asking them to support SB327. A short, quick email is all you need to do. Here is a map to find your Representative.

DO NOT write to Walden, Bonamici, DeFazio, Blumenauer or Schrader. They are National Reps in Washington DC and do not vote on the State Bills.