Due to COVID-19 concerns:

  • Maintain Social Distancing
  • Use hand sanitizer
  • If another party is climbing, be respectful of their space.


The Dry Canyon has a 5 mile long paved trail and multiple natural surface trails.  There are several access points with staircases to get you down into the canyon.

Although parking on public streets is legal, we want to respect the quiet nature of these neighborhoods. Be on your best behavior. Do not block mailboxes. Do not hang out at your vehicle on the streets. Do not play music on your car stereo when packing your bags. You may be excited to climb but think about how loud your voice is when parking in front of people’s homes. Be a good ambassador of your sport.

East side of Bridge. This is the shortest and most convenient access.  It is on-street parking in a neighborhood. Please be respectful of the houses you park in front of. There is a small lot green lawn, which is a city park. The trail in the canyon is a narrow dirt trail.

From Smith Rock or Bend Travel on Hwy 97  to exit 119 on the north end of town (just north of Home Depot and Walmart). From Smith turn right. From Bend turn left. This becomes the old Hwy 97.

Drive south for 3/4 mile (on 6th St/old Hwy 97).
Turn right onto Maple Avenue.
Turn left onto 9th Street at the 4-way stop sign.
Turn right onto Larch.
Turn right onto Canyon Drive.
Turn left onto Rockcrest Court.

You cannot turn left on Canyon Drive from Maple, so you must enter the neighborhood a block early.

Paul Hathaway Memorial Park was recently built with 3 parking spaces. Park here or on the street/cul-de-sac.

Once parked then walk across the park lawn to the edge of the canyon. There are two trails here. The fall line trail is super steep and sucks. Do not use this. About 50 feet to the south there is a nice single track trail, which traverses the hillside. The trail takes you back to the north and finishes at the base of the bridge. You can see the routes from here.

Parking address:
1021 NW Rockcrest Ct
Redmond, OR 97756

West Canyon Rim Park. This site has better on-street parking and is at a nice park. This is a .5 mile walk on a paved surface and .4 mile using the natural surface trail.

1040 NW Rimrock Ct
Redmond, OR 97756

From NW 19th turn east on Jackpine. Turn south (right) on Rimrock Ct. You will see a city park on the left with a paved trail into the canyon. Park on the street.

Black Butte/Antler Road. This has good off street parking and is just over 1 mile south of the bridge. The skate park is on the south side of the road. Park on the north side of the road. Follow the paved trail past the off-leash dog park and disc golf course. Continue north and you can’t miss the bridge.

1429 W Antler Ave
Redmond, OR 97756

44.276691, -121.183908

Treatment plant trailhead. This trailhead is located is 1 mile north of the bridge with a paved trail. Not the most scenic(or best smelling) site since it is the sewer treatment plant. But it provides good parking and the shortest driving from Smith Rock.

4098 NW Pershall Way
Redmond, OR 97756

44.302601, -121.190419

Fir /Canyon Drive. This is .75 mile long with access to a staircase.

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