Due to COVID-19 concerns:

  • Maintain Social Distancing
  • Use hand sanitizer
  • If another party is climbing, be respectful of their space.

We are extremely lucky to be allowed to climb here. We are in a city park with lots of people using the paved and natural surface trails. Houses also line the rimrock. There are many eyes on us climbing here. We must be on our best behavior or we may lose this amazing opportunity. We are allowed to climb here on a trial basis.

Do not ruin access for locals and out of town visitors, by following these rules:

  • Keep dogs on leash and prevent excessive barking
  • Limit noise. No radios. Do not yell when frustrated or for victories.
  • Do not set up rope swings.
  • No drugs. Marijuana is not legal to smoke in public places in Oregon, which includes parks. The Dry Canyon Trail/Park is a public place. Redmond is very strict on the marijuana issue.
  • No smoking during summer months due to fire hazard of dry grasses and nearby houses.
  • Be friendly to other park visitors
  • Use approved access points.
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