We are proud to announce the Maple Bridge opened on Saturday July 1. Temps have been warm, in the mid 90’s, but climbing at the bridge has been pretty good. The canyon breezes make it a great summer climbing area. Maybe not ideal redpointing conditions but not as bad as you might think. The start is a bit more climber friendly and a couple holds we have had issues with spinning have been swapped out. The route climbs pretty nice and is LOTS OF FUN!!! People have been climbing there almost very day since it’s re-opening.

It has been closed for the last year due to a lawsuit in Portland from a blind jogger in a city park. This was a huge issue for all recreation activities throughout Oregon. The laws in Oregon were changed this summer with Senate Bill 327 to protect not just the owner of the property but also employees and volunteers from lawsuits. The City of Redmond’s insurance will cover the bridge once again starting July 1 and we will be allowed to start climbing the bridge again. We will also start bolting a second route.

Climbing here is FREE. Bring a rope and harness. Be a good ambassador for climbing. Consider donating so we can build more routes.


Maple Avenue Bridge is a 70 foot tall and 780 foot long concrete bridge located in Redmond Oregon. It was constructed in 2007 with three 210 foot arch spans. In July of 2015, the first climbing routes began getting developed. There are 8 arches which climbing may be developed on(under).

The bridge spans over the Dry Canyon which runs the length of Redmond. The Deschutes River was located here many years ago, but shifted channels to the west. The floor of the canyon is dirt, grass, sagebrush and junipers. There is a paved pedestrian/bicycle path. The character of the natural canyon and the flat canyon floor makes it a great place for climbing. The approach is very short, since you can park about 100 feet from the east side of the bridge.


ClimbTech Wave Bolts in Overhung Terrain video from ClimbTech on Vimeo about the bolts used in the bridge:

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Bridge contact information iancaldwell@hotmail.com